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To-scale human skull made from needle felted wool fibers. White base shaded with grey wool around the eyes, teeth, and indents of the skull.

Emily LeVine
Sculpture, wool felt, 6”x 6”x 9”, 2021, Teacher: Jennifer Kirchmann

This piece brings awareness to the human footprint we leave on our planet. Bare foot stepping on cement from the top center of the photo. The heel lifts revealing a wet footprint, of the sole of a sneaker.

Henry Didden
Human Footprint
Photography, Photograph, Adobe Photoshop Size: 20”x 30”, 2021, Teacher: Charlie Sitzer

This piece brings awareness to the issue of CTE which is caused by repetitive blows to the head even when wearing protective gear. Color photo with three layers–a football player in profile, his skull and spine, and his helmet. Bones and helmet are transparent.

Jordan Garrison
Evading CTE
Photography, Photograph, Adobe Photoshop Size: 20”x 30”, 2021, Teacher: Charlie Sitzer

The goal here is to explore fears through these two animals that were inspired by the Mexican Alebrijes. The turtle has social anxiety which is why he is inside his shell, and has eyes drawn on his back. His friend the coyote stands by guarding him.

Luna Santiago
Unlikely Duo
Ceramics, Clay, underglaze, acrylic spray Size: 15”x 11”x 12”, 2021, Teacher: Nell Yates

This piece, intricately illustrated with black ink pens, depicts a man with technology fusing into him. Around him, there are machinery and technological infrastructures that emit smoke. Two people are operating on him: one on the top right above his ear, and one along the left side of his turtleneck.

Brooke Schwartz
Technological Transfusion
Drawing, Pen,  8”x 10”, 2021, Teacher: Amy Rippee 

This piece, drawn in red and blue colored pencil, features a dinner table with hands reaching out, placing objects on it from both sides. The surface of the table is covered with various dishes traditional to both American and Russian cultures. Artist: Amy Rippee–teacher

Alice Yurkov
Drawing, Colored Pencil Size: 8”x 10”, 2021, Teacher: Amy Rippee

Text: A colorful blooming yucca juxtaposed with a dark gray background with vertical burned branches.

Amy Rippee
Watercolor,  8”x 10”, 2021