Ulysses S. Grant High School

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Flowing arrangement of letters and numbers around the letter O. Colors are shades of orange and white on a navy blue background.

Julio Herrera
Flow with Life
Digital art, 2021

Emerson Lemus
The Luminous Shapes
Digital animation, 2021

Patricia Roque
Type Sample Book
Digital art, 2021

 Portrait of a young woman made entirely of letters that form the face and hair.  Letters are black on a white background.

Joana Santos Gomez
Type Portrait
Digital art, 2021

Luciana Serrano
Shining Diamond
Digital animation, 2021

Graphical scene of muted, warm tones and black.  Scene includes stylized figures of a man at a wheel, an elephant on a ball, a ladder, a door a hammer and pulley system.

Hrachya Teloyan
The World within My Digital Nature
Digital art, 2021