The Buckley School

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A low angle shot of three children playing on the seashore during sunset. The figure on the far right is existing the frame, so only their leg is showing. One figure is squatting down and tracing a heart shape in the sand, and another is leaning over to examine it.

Sophie Donay
Heart in the sand
Digital photograph, 13.5” x 18”, 2021

A group of three friends, all partially cropped out of the frame, sit on a vivid yellow/orange blanket eating from to-go boxes. Their shadows are cast on the sand in the  upper right background space.

Jane Sacon
beach dinner
Oil paste on paper, 23” x 15”, 2021

An overhead view of a massive cityscape. Each building is seen from above, so the rooftops are visible. Creeping up from the bottom of the image is a red rust color which is infecting the grey rooftops. Small areas of green, brown and yellow punctuate the rooftops of some of the buildings.

Xandi Pink
Infinite Expansion on a Finite Carpet
Felt, size, 2021

A small silver box divided five times vertically is reminiscent of a structure. Out of the top of the structure is a large explosion made of gold, copper and silver colors.

Andrew Zoryan
The Beirut Explosion
Copper, brass, nickel – etched, 2” x 3”, 2021

a small, circular silver shape with a copper colored silhouette of mountains and a gold colored silhouette of a tree. The etched reflection of the tree features root forms branching into the water.

Andrew Holschneider
Copper, brass, nickel – etched, 2.5” x 2.5”, 2021

Hand built ceramic box with underglaze stain. White ballot box with ceramic green money going in and shooting out. The box says “USA” in raised letters with shooting stars. There is an “I voted” sticker on the top of the box. On the right hand side of the box is the return address of the artist: Leila Mir, Ventura Canyon Ave. Also featured is the text, “Stacy Abrams for Governor / 1270 Caroline Street Suite D120-447 / Atlanta, GA 30307

Leila Mir
Arbitrary and Capricious
Ceramics, 14” x 14” x 10”, 2021

Two pendants and a pair of earrings. Different colored metals and stones.

Ellen Mahoney
silver, nickel, brass, copper, rutilated stones, 5” x 7” 2021