Sylmar Charter High School

An ink and marker drawing of a young woman running her hand through her hair. A variety of flowers adorn the outer-image as more flowers emerge from her hair.

Jessica Roldan
Concealed Flower 🌸
Sketchbook (9×12), Alcohol Markers

An abnormally tall woman, seemingly from the Victorian era, sitting in her fireside library sipping her beverage of choice. The black-and-white image, digitally created, contains high contrast edges of light and shadow.

Gabrielle Vinzon
Chat by the Fire
Digital Art (Created in the program, Krita)

An image of the great Pop musician, Michael Jackson. The image is a carved relief on a ceramic tile, using Under-glaze as the colorant.

Sharline Ramos Hinojoza
Off the Wall
Low-fire Ceramic Tile 6×6”

A hand-made ceramic bowl with nice symmetry and a fun glaze consisting of colorfully freckled crystals.

Lebanna Caraveo
Colores de Dia
Low-fire Ceramic Pinch bowl 6×3”

A high-contrast image of a plant and its negative spaces. The extreme black and white shapes create visual interest as the white plant appears as a silhouette against the black background.

Jasmine Maradiaga
Negative Space Plant Study
Colored Pencil on Paper 12X18”

Digital portrait of a young black scholar wearing a lab coat with a blue t shirt. His skin glows with warm browns and gold echoes. Around him are two beakers filled with white light pouring experiments into the

Citlaly Aparicio Alvsio
A Place I Want to Visit 
Acrylic on Canvas, 11×14″

A nighttime image of a house as seen from across an alley. A distant street light illuminates the house as a bright orange against the otherwise dark landscape and gloomy sky.

Joshua Rohal
Valley Alley 
Acrylic on Wood 12×12”