Northridge Academy High School

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Blue alien life form with white marks sitting in a pod inside a cave with eyes attached to the black cave walls.

Casey Teramoto
Colored Pencil, 11”x18”, 2021

Black, gray, and white still life drawing of a moisturizer,ceramic heeled shoe, and part of a vase.

Joevin Ha
Clickety Clack Badabing Badaboom
Charcoal on toned paper, 18”x24”, 2018

Face mask with blue motifs in Baybayin and a superhero logo in the shape of sun rays and a crescent moon.

Kiara Zuniga
Colored pencil on mask, 4”x7”, 2021

“Temporary nothings, IMPOSSIBLE, [leave your fears here]” A pink box with folded butterfly origami papers flying out in the middle of green grass.

Riona Mahawan
Pen and colored pencil, 11”x18”

“Watch your habits, they become character, watch your character, it becomes your destiny” A sun rising above clouds with two cherubs.

Shanti Sarmiento
Pen and colored pencil, 11”x18”

Monochromatic yellow landscape painting of mountains, trees,clouds, lavenders, and bushes.

Sophia Galvez
Watercolor, 9”x12”, 2021

Yellow and orange chicken torso in blue blouse with pink squid legs and a large eye on the belly standing in front of a sun setting over a body of water and grass.

Yume Johnstone
Colored pencil, 11”x18”, 2021