Northpoint School

A wolf with black and white fur similar to the colors of pepper and salt, his tongue and nose arepink with a purple tint. He has a black collar on with a shiny yellow bell attached to it. He has four ears, two on each side His eyes are green with a tint of blue to them.

Ace Wielage
Digital Art, 2021

A black and white backgroundwith two white figures, a man and a woman. The man is giving a very passionate hug while the woman is cracked and broken and letting the comfort of his love make her feel better. The woman has a cracked head from her thoughts hurting her.

Madison Corrington-Hyle
The Hug
Acrylic on canvas, 2021

Side profile of crying female with brown, white, and black swirls in hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, and black substanceseeping from nose, mouth, cut on face, top of shirt, and neck. Neck is separated from body and attached with a green string Shirt is white with black, red, and brown triangles and a heart on sleeve composed of black, red, and browntriangles. Caterpillars protrude from orifices on shirt, cheek, and head. A wilted red rose protrudes from top of head andforehead Background consists of smudged green, brown, and yellow hues with red and black outlines of roses, golden butterflies, and leaves.

Elizabeth Oakley
Mixed media, pen, colored pencils, pastels, and foil on paper, 2021