Magnolia Science Academy 1

The image of an anime character with a smirk on their face because they are getting ready to eat a hamburger.

Brooklyn Jara
11th Grade, Digital Art

The image is of the African Savannah hasa silhouette of a tree and animals.

Daniel Martinez
11th Grade, Digital Art

Thisdigital arthas a silhouette of a girl and many circles. Thedesignhas orange, purple, and white in an oval organic shape.

Jay Montero
12th Grade, Digital Art

This collage is about the student’s culture. It has a Dia de los Muertos alter with candles and various objects. The picture in the frame is of Martin Luther King Jr.

Stephen Barberena
11th Grade, Collage

This photograph is of a teenage girl up close. She has red hair, green eyes, and a black mask.

Alexia Oceguera
10th Grade, Photography

This student has always been interested in Horror as a genre -film and print.She is also interested in exploring ideas connected to lesbianism.This image joins both interests.

Maryanne Reyes
11th grade, Collage

This student explores the many facets of anxiety more prevalent in our society, particularly among youth, due to COVID.

Fernando Banales
11th grade, Drawing