MFA Sculpture / Drawing

Using traditional craft processes with found materials, my work investigates concepts of domestic failure and bodily shortcomings through the disruption of prescribed functionalities. By embroidering gestures originally created by disassembled appliance motors, I reinsert handmade error in a meditation on the human/machine relationship. This means of interpreting repetitive motions simultaneously celebrates the tedious labor process of a practice that has been historically contextualized as decorative women’s work while seeking to place it within the realm of contemporary discourse. My use of discarded objects and materials aims to rethink and subvert notions of value, calling to ideas of sentimentality and worth by offering delicate reminders of corporeal fragilities.

thread, lawn chair, spray adhesive

weak reparations, 2020

Thread, lawn chair, spray adhesive, 22” x 32” x 22”

translated mechanized gesture 6 / a place to be held, 2020 crochet thread, thread, queen mattress 60”x 80”x 9”

translated mechanized gesture 6 / a place to be held, 2020

Crochet thread, thread, queen mattress, 60” x 80” x 9”