James Monroe High School

Portrait of actor Simu Liu from the neck up. The face is centered with a slight smile. Drawing is done with pencil and fills the paper with a minimal amount of white background.

Rachel Rodriguez

Watercolor painting of two girls symmetrically balanced and facing each other.The girl on the right is taller than the other. She has a red hat and green dress. She leans forward as if to listen to theother girl more closely.The girl on the left is about half as tall as the girl on the right. She is in a blue and white dress. The girls are in a forest with grass and two trees, one behind each girl.  The artist has painted a frame made up of varies green leaves on the sides and top of the image and red and brown mushrooms on the bottom of the frame.The characters have an anime style,and the colors are light in value and not saturated.

Alejandra Dominguez

Pencil Graphite drawing of the Pale Man, a creature from Guillermo Del Toro’s Movie Pan’s Labyrinth.  The drawing in centered and takes up most ofthe space. The Pale Man is a pale skinned humanoid monster with his eyeballs in the palms of his hands.  The hands are open in front of his face.

Jen Mendez

Pencil Graphite drawing of the demon character for the Japanese manga Death Note. The drawing shows the characterfrom the shoulder up from ¾ view.

Sindy Piceno