Heritage Christian School

This artwork is a mixed media piece partly painted with oils and partly drawn with pencil on canvas.  There are two elephants, one that appears to be a mother or father and a baby elephant walking side by side each other.  The large elephant has large tusks and the small elephant has short tusks.  They are placed in the center of the compositionwalking towards the viewer in a field.  The elephants have no color and are drawn in charcoal and pencil. There are two dark green trees in the background, and there is a crescent moon in the early evening sky.  The sky is a dark blue that fades into an orange hue towards the horizon and there are white specs throughout that represent stars in the sky.

Priyanka Philip
Two Travelling Elephants
Oil on Canvas, Pencil and Charcoal, 2019

This artwork is of two individuals whoare standing together on a beach over looking a body of water. They are located on the bottom left third of the composition.  The person on the right is pointing out towards either a red boat, dark brown mountains or the cloud filled sky in the distance. The clouds in the sky are created with large rhythmic brush strokes throughout.  The colors used in this piece are blues, purples, pink and white.  The body of water reflect the colors in the sky.

Kaitlin Carlos
Clouds Over a Lake
Digital Painting, Clip Studio Paint Software, 2021

This artwork is a photograph of part of an object that appears to be part of a tree or concrete.  The object runs horizontally through the composition and your eye is drawn into the image with the use of leading lines from the pattern and texture of the object.  There is a leaf protruding from a crevice and soft sunlight is revealing the tip of the leaf.  The image has a shallow depth of field and only the center portion of the image is in focus.  The upper half of the piece shows trees or bushes in the background that is completely blurred out.  The blue sky is seen through the holes in the branches of the background trees/ bushes.

Ashley Ralph
Irregular Fellow
Digital Photo, 2021

This artwork isof a young female who is in the center of the composition looking upwards towards the upper right corner of the frame.  Her head is tilted and her eyes appear to be fixed on someone or something that is not in the frame.  The person is wearing large round glasses that are tinted a light purplecolorand display white or light reflections.  The individual’s hair is medium length, wavy and colored blue on the left side of their head and purple on the right side of their head and is wearing a green cloth hat.  She is wearing a blue shirt and a black jacket that is only hanging off one shoulder.

Cassandra Calvin
Watercolor and white charcoal on paper, 9”x12”, 2019

This artwork is of a young female who is looking directly at the viewer.  She is positioned directly in the center of thecompositionand has a neutral expression. Her hair is long in length and is a brown and is wearing a light brown shirt.  The background of the image is blue and has a pattern that is created with brown blue, and green curvy lines.  The curved lines are rhythmic and create a circular pattern in some areas and wavy patterns in other areas.

Rachel Hess
Crayola Crayon and Supra Color Pencils on paper, 2021