Granada Hills Charter High School

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The artwork is a black and white collage and mixed media piece composed on a 9x12 inch board. The bottom third of the artwork consists of a closeup of the artist’s eyes rendered in black and white tempera. Directly above this section lies a mix of collaged and painted imagery. The images include a flattened cityscape reduced to rectangular shapes and fragments of the artist’s face. A building in the top left corner displays a billboard with a painted rendition of the artist’s lips. The billboard reads Lip Product. There is a large billboard to the right of the cityscape with a fragment of the artist’s face and misplaced eyes. The billboard reads Emerging Artist. Above the cityscape lies a dark night sky with stylized twinkling stars.

Jan Sanpakit
Printed material, ink, graphite, and tempera on board, 9×12”, 2021

The artwork is a black and white collage and mixed media piece composed on a 9x12 inch board.  The artwork begins in the top left corner with a closeup of the artist’s eye rendered in black and white tempera and ink.  A dark liquid puddles and pours out of the eye.  Immediately to the right of the eye is a profile view of a humanoid skull with exaggerated fangs and a gaping jaw, followed by a pattern of stylizedroses.  The middle section of the piece consists of cloud-like structures that also resemble a mountain range that spans the entire width of the piece.  Beneath these cloudlike mountains lie fragments of the artists face rendered in ink and tempera over printed material.  Some facial features have been replaced with skeletal features such as eye sockets, jaw bones, and vertebrae.  The negative spaces between these fragmented faces is filled with a gray atmosphere in which float jelly fish and bubbles.  There is a large pictograph in the bottom right hand corner that resembles a sea turtle with a heart for its shell.

Trinity De Jesus
Printed material, ink, graphite, and tempera on board, 9×12”, 2021

This canvas is a photo-realistic painting of painted hands smearing pink paint, and blue paint on opposite sides of the face. The mouth is pulled open, and the black and white face is cropped blocking the top (eyes) and neck with yellow caution tape.

Kali Capper
Caution: Identity Underway
Acrylic on canvas, 8”x 10”, 2021

A young woman sits cross-legged in front of many glowing monitors, looking back over her head, while holding a bowl of noodles and chopsticks in her hands. The colors bounce everywhere, as if scrambled on a screen themselves, her plush toys surround her.

Candice Lee
Self Portrait
Watercolor and Colored Pencil on mixed media paper, 9”x9”, 2021

A sunset frames a shuttle launch, onlookers look up shading their eyes in a box at the top left. Multiple other view boxes, like a comic book show the before, during, and leaving the atmosphere with one dark image of an astronaut in the midst of the explosion.

Joshua Oak
Ink and Acrylic paint on Bristol, digital painting, glossy photo paper, 10 ¾”x 16 ½”, 2021

A photo-real pastel child’s play room frames a young woman in a sumptuous, silky dress. She is clearly now too big to be in this space surrounded by her smiling, onlooking plush friends, and a rainbow birthday cake.

Emurille Zin Mangalindan
I Miss You
Prisma color pencils on Bristol paper, 11”x17”, 2021

The artwork consists of a floating arrangement of three white roses, two lilies and a stalk of snapdragon flowers.  Four elderly hands extend from behind the flower arrangement.  The top left hand extends upward, palm up, cradling a full moon.  The top right hand extends out with a perched crow on its index finger.  Two lower hands extend downward holding a long line of prayer beads.  Two goldfish swim up  from the bottom corners of the painting as if encircling the flower arrangement, while a hummingbird flutters on the left side of the painting feeding on a snapdragon flower. The entire arrangement is painted in front of a black background.

Emmanuel Crespo
Grandmas Hands
Acrylic on Canvas, 52×42”, 2021