El Camino Real Charter High School

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Calligraphy written out with the words, “Life is little more than A LOAN SHARK: it exacts a very high rate of interest for the few pleasures it concedes.” –Luigi Pirandello. At the bottom are 4 cartoon looking sharks with money that they are holding and devouring.

Kristhy Rosales-Velazquez
Money Eaters
Pen and Markers, 11×17, 12th

A cute sorcerylooking witch is bottom lit with violet and purple hues while she dabbles in potions.

Evelyn Horton
Adobe Illustrator, 8×8, 12th

A group of Kindergarten students with their iPads glowing look forward towards a teacher in the background pointing to a glowing smartboard in the dark with the words, “How to Say “Mama” and “Papa.” The coloring is in deep hues of blue and stylized like an old retro 1950’s classroom.

Cathrynne Frias
How to Say “Mama” and “Papa”
Acrylic, 24×18, 12th

A double fold depicts an illustrated scene on the outside with a brick wall, a door, trashcan, and dumpster. It opens up like doors to reveala trifold of colorful sceneryinside with a cabin, stream, mushrooms, and mountains.

Eloisa Lutz
A Mystical Passageway
Colored Pencil, 10×22, 11th

A photo-realistic portrait of Jane Goodall drawn in black and white.

Leia Frederick
Jane Goodall
Graphite, 11×9, 12th

Hundreds of black strings are tightly strung in a circular pattern to reveal a face based on the open spaces for whites, and tighter spaces for black in order to get all the tones to reveal a girl’s face.

Jonah Levinson
String and Nails on Wood, 40×40, 12th

An arial view of acolorful photo-realistic painting of kaiseki, which is a famous traditional Japanese dish.

Matt Harbourt
Oil Painton Canvas, 9×11

An abstract rendering of paint-pour in golds, reds, oranges,and other warm tones resembling lava.

Kim Gooze
Acrylic Paint Pour, 14×12