Grover Cleveland Charter High School

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Prismacolor pencil drawing on mixed media cold press paper. The image is of three individuals, sitting on a violet couch, holding a long-beaded thread that runs along their hands, with the right figure holding scissors, about to cut the thread. Above them, on the left and right of the panel are two doves holding the beads as it frames all three figures.

Amaya Perdomo
Prismacolor pencils on paper, 7×11”, 2021.

A collage of ripped images combine to make a car facing the viewer. There is a close-up of the dash shows a family of four, parents in the front with children in the back. In the background is a map layout with different seasons indicated by the snow and bright yellow sunlight.

Chloe Torres
Compensate, Drive to Somewhere
Digital media, 8.5x 11”, 2021.

A close-up of a hand holding a cut tomato with sliced tomatoes and pepperson a dark grey background. The figure’s hand is surrounded by sliced tomatoes and dark orange streaks that contrast the smooth dark grey texture of the background.

Anthony Tabarez
Digital media(Procreate), 8.5×11”, 2021

A portrait of a figure rendered in color pencils hand a gradient of warm and cool colors on theface.Floating above the head are two bright red horns that juxtapose the flat smile of the figure. The black background has two white silhouettes of trees in the bottom half with soft grey clouds on the top of the frame.

Leslie Cabrera-Gutierrez
Mixed media, 11 x 14”, 2021

This acrylic painting shows a dimly light room full of family members spread out throughout the living and dining room. The characters are in the middle of discussions with each other with the light source coming from the lamp above the dining room table. Hung next to the table is animage of the Last Supper, with the family members mimicking the postures of the apostles in the painting.

Crystal Sanchez Giron
Acrylic on canvas, 11 x 14”, 2021

This digital illustration shows a stern portrait of the character in a grey scale. The character is wearing a black cowboy hat and plaid shirt. Behind them is a dark grey gradient that has “Mis Raizes” or “My Roots” labelled on it in a repeated pattern. The character looks forward at the viewer with a stern lip and darkly shaded vector shapes.

Alexander Valerio
Digital media (Adobe Illustrator), 8.5×11”, 2021

This digital illustration shows a lone statue of a women holding two golden artifacts in its hands. The sculpture is dimly lit by candles in a dark forest background. In the foreground are an array of vegetation, fruits and flowers that create a vignette for the subject in the center of the image.

Louis Barreto
La Pachamama Espera
Digital media (Procreate), 10×10”, 2021