MA Drawing / Painting

The subject of the human condition is the core element of my work. My intention as an artist is to evoke a feeling and response from the viewer that extends the creator’s vision outside his understanding. The disposition of self-silent suffering intrigues me, the daily pain shared with others, although not voiced. To make that which is internalized, external on canvas, I acknowledge that suffering is an important aspect of life as it contributes toward enlightenment in the meandering path of one’s life. This approach has not only been rewarding but surprising as well. I evolve with the work at hand. Although I am led by the process, I require structure from the beginning, building blocks to piece together in juxtaposition with or morphed in a fashion of coherence and conveyance. I gravitate to an order of placement. Pure unadulterated color when used is preferred, never mixed directly, as to singularly push the materials in a focused direction. My technique uses soft and hard washes of charcoal, pastel, and pencil, mediums I find to have infinite possibilities. I prefer a quiet approach to work and wish for the viewer to have a long moment with it, a careful study to emphasize the viewer’s desire to see, to acquire the desired effect by simple means. Each piece has no result in sight until I feel it is finished. By allowing my work to lead me, I experience the process of its completion as a conversation between me and the work.

Hand drawing ready to grasp in full force

Corner blue, 2020

Oil, charcoal on canvas, 38” x 26”

skeleton staring at it's reflection charcoal drawing

mirror, mirror, 2021

Charcoal, oil, acrylic varnish on canvas, 24” x 24”