ArTES High School

Watercolor painting in browns of a figure with large red ears and large heart. 2 needles piercing the shoulders and a look of fear of the figure’s face expressing the worry over vaccination with eyebrows meeting and eyes looking up to the top of the image

Celeste Delgadillo
Just a Little Poke
2021, 16 x 20, digital media and prismacolor

Digital painting of 6 dogs in earth colors. White gloved hands lift up a dog in the center of the image, which is smiling and looking up to the right. Composition is very crowded and dogs are all smiling playfully rolling around and looking at each other or off the edge of the image

Emily Rosales
Cherished Pets
2021, Digital Illustration, 16 x 20

Art Nouveau style watercolor illustration of a redhead woman with her left hand up and a twine of hair looping around her fingers. Elegant patterns work in burgundy and blue halo her head with green leaves to the left of the face. Her gown has a flower fan pattern in green and gold.

Sarahi Lopez,
The Crane, A Dream
2021, alcohol marker, color pencil, pastel, 14 x 17

Digital painting of a deer standing on purple rocks looking up a glowing waterfall at a deer skeleton standing at the top of the water. Waterfalls and splashes up, glowing with white light. Surrounding the deer and water are glowing orbs of pinks, blues and purple light like fireworks in the fog.

Nadia Garcia
Deadly Curiosity
Digital Painting, 2021, 12 x 10

Digital painting in greens with a circular vignette of black focusing on two central figures. In the front is a young boy without eyes, holding a glowing orb with a tooth inside. Behind him is a headless figure with 4 arms, 2 extending out with dark fingertips and 2 hands clutching the neck. Above the cut neck is a tooth floating with bloody tips, like a headband. The artist describes the meaning of the work as questioning how children give body parts to strangers like the tooth fairy with unquestioning trust.

Raven Broox
The Colt
Digital Painting, 12 x 18, 2021

Digital portrait of a young black scholar wearing a lab coat with a blue t shirt. His skin glows with warm browns and gold echoes. Around him are two beakers filled with white light pouring experiments into the

Alex Martinez
Dream Big-Future Scientist
Digital painting, 2021, 8 x 10