MFA Illustration

My work examines the relationship between interior and exterior, whether depicting physical spaces or implying internal landscapes. This tension between inside and outside alludes to alienation, while the use of representation beckons viewers to enter these spaces.The recurring presence of jello serves as a metaphor for futile attempts to suspend time. A melting, monstrous concoction technically edible yet made of the unthinkable, jello is artificial yet natural, liquid yet solid, with interior and exterior simultaneously visible. This semi-transparent entity symbolizes the public and private elements of an individual’s persona and what they choose to reveal to or conceal from others. Upon inspection, the lighthearted veneer reveals deeper concerns about isolation, home, and the complicatedly delicate nature of relationships.

Both actual and idealized domestic spaces house incongruous and omitted elements that distort memory and loss. My considered employment of nostalgic imagery underscores a yearning for people and places that are no longer accessible, while a pervasive calm suggests things may not be as they seem.

Painting of two women with horse head make in a room

It Runs In the Family, 2019

Oil on paper, 60” x 40”

So Nice To See You, 2020

Oil on canvas, 30” x 30”