Best in Show

Weighted Comforter


Emily Polanco

Weighted Comforter,
paper mache, the figure, tights, fighters mask, thread, and pins, 48″x60″, 2020

Photo of two woman on a table and a green glass teapot next to it.


Shadi Matinizadeh

Vivid green, Memory, 2019, Digital Camera​,12”x12”

Illustration of characters at the beach observing the scene


Ryan Klass

Beachside Observations, Pen and Ink/Digital, 2100 × 1630, 2020

Virginia A. Orndorff Prize Scholarship

wood sculpture


Emily Polanco

Spire, wood, oil paint, and caulk, 8″x60″, 2020

an open door sculpture


Lauren Moradi

translated mechanized gesture 8 / an entry, an exit, a gateway. polyester twine, wood, wallpaper, house key, hardware, condonation, glue. 17x72x8.5″. 2021.

bucket hat ink drawing


Adrienne Kinsella

Hers, Colored pencil on frosted mylar, 42 x 36 inches, 2020

 Deans Purchase



suburbs near a lake image

Yi Yu

Finding Water in Frogtown (01), 2021

Presidents Purchase


abstract multi-color color blocking squares

Elizabeth Weber

front hall 5, 
mixed media on unprimed canvas, 36×38 inches, 2021

Jurors Choice Awards

Rake Sculpture

Melora Garcia

Labor Stratification, 2020,
Found rake and cotton hand dyed yarn, 58 x 16 x 1.5 in.

doll upright falling forward

Adrienne Sacks

Clever Idiot, assemblage,
30 x 42 x 58 inches, 2021

A woman, a child, and the same woman with a coat on

Montserrat Rangel Vergara

Es un Poquito de Todo, Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 40″ In., 2020