Best in Show

Fake travel advertisement made with appropriated footage gathered from travel footage posted directly from Government entities promoting tourism, news footage of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and historical images, as well as stock assets posted to YouTube intended for free use


Michael Cueto

“Destiny Airlines Travel Ad: Manifest All Your Travel Dreams!”, Fake travel advertisement

A green foam pad floats above the ground. There is a shiny circular stain in the middle of the rectangular form. Wilting alien flora juts out of the foam surface.


Emily Polanco

“Untitled”, oil paint on carpet pad, wood, resin, epoxy, and condolence flowers, 25″x35″, 2022

Image is a photograph of an installation containing soft sculptures. A dark blue velvet sculpture of a body rests in the bottom third of the image.The body has a hand raised to meet another arm that extends from the top left corner of the image. Under the blue body is a white cloth mound. The background the corner of a room that has been painted to look like a light blue sky with white clouds. There is a covered window in the top right that also has white clouds on a light blue surface. The image is mostly blue and white, with small amounts of pink.


Rachel Apthorp

“The Dissociation of Adam”,
Photographic Print, 24 x 36″, 2021

Betsy is a paper mache sculpture that lives on the wall. The surface has many tried plants like cactus, pitaya skin and mango skins glues to the surface. The glue is somewhat transparent. Bright orange, yellow and red are peeking through the cracks or where the plant material has uplifted. The plants are drying and resembles many brown tones starting a light tan with the darkest being a deep brown that fades into a dusty magenta shade of a drying succulent leaf. The center of the work has a yellow and orange center that is carved out. The outer most part the sculpture has drying aloe vera leafs that portrudes outwards acting as arms or tentacles.

Best In Show

Melora Garcia

“Betsy (portal 1)”, 2021 Shredded junk mail, matte medium, oil paint, aloe vera,
nopale skin, mango skin, pitaya skin, pineapple skin, succulent skin, rust, recycled clay,
metal shavings, paper clay, ground corn tortillas, ground black tourmaline, sage ash, paprika, cinnamon,
chile arbol seeds, comfort and compressionon paper mache and carved wood. 17.5 x 19 x 2 in.

Virginia A. Orndorff Prize Scholarship

A mix media sculpture made from a welded steel frame in the shape of a un even heart with many brown toned yarned woven together act as a skin for the sculpture. "Your skin is my favorite color" is freestanding wit a rusted metal base that has 4 steel rods attached to it and connect to 4 more triangular metal feet. The base resembles chicken legs and has yarn balls strewn around the structure in a circular formation.


Melora Garcia

“Your Skin is My Favorite Color”, Welded steel, polyester yarn, rust and cotton hand dyed yarn Installation, approximately 77 x 26 x 15 in.

Basket made of fleshy colored fabric that flows and pools around the bowl.


Audrey Higa

“Slough”, Fiber, Plastic, Adhesive, Thread, Metal, Needle, 21″ x 17″ x 7″, 2022

A landscape with a color palette of pinks and blues. There are plenty of elements included such as dogs, paintbrushes, hands, food, and buildings.


Carissa Jackson

“Only In Dreams”, Digital, 18in X 9in, 2021

 Deans Purchase



A collage with printed traditional Toraja funeral shroud fabric woven in colors of brown, red and black. Within the fabric print are primitive figures drawn in trace monotype ink. Below are the faces of an elderly couple applied in photo transfer, above them are scrawled the words, "Effigies of the departed."

Elizabeth Souza

“Effigies of the Departed.” Mixed Media Collage, Marker, Photo transfer, Ink,
Trace Monotype on paper, 15.5 inches high 11.5 inches wide, 2021

Presidents Purchase


This purple photograph is of long thin leaf with an arch that curves from bottom right corner to the left. Onto of it sits various sizes of soft, round, water droplets and one are drop rests slightly left center of the image. Beneath the arch is a narrow leaf with small buds, that is beneath the center bubble and is directed to the right corner at a 45 degreased angle.

Joshua Ramos

“Drops”, Digital Photography, 2022

Jurors Choice Awards

Magnificent black and white landscape view of Yosemite granite cliffs. Includes a waterfall, clouds, and a forest of pine trees.

Nathan Mihopoulos

“Yosemite”, Digital, 8.5x11in, 2021

A collage with a photo transfer of a European couple super imposed over an Indonesian bed with batik fabric curtains in front of a dark background. Underneath the bed is a drawing trace monotype print of a reclining Asian woman within swirling dark blue ink. There is scrawled text that reads "They say Oey Tao Nio lived under the bed."

Elizabeth Souza

“Oey Tao Nio Lived Under the Bed”, Mixed Media Collage, Photo transfer, Ink, Trace Monotype on paper, 22.5 inches high, 15 inches wide, 2021

Birthday Cake is an oil painting showing glimpses of a 2003 birthday party photograph, the corner of a Mexican airline ticket and the skirt of the Virgen Mary from a baptism invitation. The colors are vibrant, the figures appear cheerful but without visible expressions. Each subject is partially cut off to separate each keepsake.

Ixchel Hernandez

“Birthday Cake”, Oil on Canvas, 36×40 inches, 2022.